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Welcome to the Law Offices of W. George Senft. We specialize in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Law and Family Law in Portland, OR.

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High-Quality Team With a Small Firm Feel

Since 2003, W. George Senft specializes in the practice of bankruptcy and family law while helping more than 1,500 individuals and businesses.  Whether protecting your assets from creditors or in need of the representation of your family law litigation, George’s experience is extensive.

W. George Senft prides himself in maintaining a small-firm feeling by treating each case with care and consideration. You will deal with the same Portland bankruptcy attorney from the office intake to your court hearing. Your financial and bankruptcy concerns are important to us and a high-quality team will help you to successfully resolve your legal matter. No issue is too big or too small. It is our philosophy that effective representation does not only require knowledge of the law but detailed preparation.

Frequently, bankruptcy and divorce converge. In this situation, you need the skills of a lawyer, knowledgeable in bankruptcy and family law, to identify the issues arising out of a divorce that could affect your bankruptcy case and vice versa.



We offer payment plans and our attorney fees are competitive. Attorney fees for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy start at $500. Undisputed family law matters start at $750 for the attorney fees. Attorney fees for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy are paid over three to five years.

Quotes for attorney fees are obtained by telephone after answering a few questions.

Explore our website where you will find helpful information related to Chapter 7 bankruptcies, Chapter 13 bankruptcies, and family law matters.

Call us at (503) 227-3819 to set up an appointment for a free initial consultation, and discuss your bankruptcy or family law matter. Frequently, same day appointment is available.

We are located in downtown Portland on SW 5th Ave. and Caruthers. There is free parking in front of our office. Contact George, your local Portland bankruptcy attorney today to start on a better tomorrow.

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I’m glad I retained Mr. Senft to help me with my Chapter 7 bankruptcy. He is very knowledgeable, having practiced law for many years in California & Oregon. In addition to patiently explaining the filing process and possible scenarios with the court and creditors, he told me exactly what was needed from me to file the case as soon as possible. His fees are much more reasonable than other area attorneys, and he tries to be flexible with his time, once agreeing to meet with me on very short notice. I trust that he will handle my case well and is more than capable to handle any problem issues that may arise.

Marie B.
Portland, OR

You can’t beat his price. We met George twice in his office, the third meeting was in court and then we were done. I would definitely recommend him.

Portland, OR

George and his staff are very responsive. Before I retained his services, he explained me what I have to expect while I am in bankruptcy. There were no negative surprises. His fees are competitive.

Portland, OR

I highly recommend taking your bankruptcy issues to this attorney. He is very experienced in handling this matter. He walks through the whole process and prepares you with what the court might ask you. You go into bankruptcy court ready and confident about the whole process. I saw him a total of two times and the rest was handled via email if I had any questions. He was always prompt to answer. All in all, I felt very prepared and reassured that my bankruptcy matter would be handled perfectly, and it was!

Lah D.
Portland, OR