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Bankruptcy Court Filing Fees in Oregon

When you file a bankruptcy you need to pay the court filing fees.  Currently, the filing fees are: Read more →

May 8, 2014 / General

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Your Tax Refund in Portland, OR

          A tax refund that is due to you is the property of the estate and the Chapter 7 trustee is entitled to take the tax refund. That means that your prior year’s tax refund is part of the estate.  It does not matter whether you wait to file your taxes until after you filed for bankruptcy. Read more →

May 7, 2014 / General

Discharging Student Loans in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

          The total amount of student loan debt is in excess of one trillion dollars.  Before the mid-1970s, debtors were able to get rid of student loans in bankruptcy court just as they could wipe out credit card debts or auto loans. Read more →

April 27, 2014 / General


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Bankruptcy Law and Family Law in Portland, OR

August 5, 2013 / General